Spend the gentleman with the time of the encounter, see how the interpretation of the count

In 2009, the count launched a set of orchid-colored painted enamel clocks, selected from the Khalilia, Doritaenopsis-Kenneth Schubert, Doritaenopsis-Malibu Easter and Dendrobium-Pale Doreen Blue four orchids for the design theme, the orchids of the gentleman presented in the watch, each watch only one, known as the "Unique Piece", that is unique. Orchid in our country and Dongmei, summer bamboo, Qiu Ju together is known as the "flower four gentlemen", each representing a different gentleman tolerance, which orchids to empty valley fragrance, narcissistic become a symbol of modesty gentleman. As a timepiece works, it will be four orchids lifelike presented on the dial above, the use of micro-painted enamel, due to the need for strict control of every detail, any small differences are affecting the rolex replica watches overall effect, the wrong step Must be re-fired, so even if not limited, its production will still be less pitiful, after all, it is not by the assembly line and industrial production can replace. Almost in 2012, the brand on the basis of the previous, once again pushed four unique orchid theme watch. And the previous watch, like the use of 38 mm watch diameter, 18K white gold material, bezel set with 78 grams of diamonds (weighing about 0.7 karats), dense design, equipped with the same ultra-thin movement. The difference is that the selection of orchids are different, namely Irene Yellow Laeliocattleya, the Golden of Tainan Brassolaeliocattleya, Profusion Laeliocattleya, ) As well as Ghyll Brassolaeliocattleya Heron Baila Lorella Carterland. Its artistic beauty, from the swiss replica watches high temperature roasting enamel orchid pattern, and the way of miniature painting will be the bottom of the translucent enamel pattern drawn into a radial, as a whole showing the vitality of blooming orchids. At present in the enamel firing plate of the use of the law, mainly for the filigree, packing and painting three, each have not low production difficulty, which filigree and painted in the pattern presentation is more creative. In addition to the delicate appearance of the disk, tender and beautiful, the internal movement is also very good. Earl self-produced 430P manual winding movement is very famous brand 9P movement developed, is also the first wave of 600P Tourbillon movement design blueprint, both in the structure, grinding and performance, are The world's top level. As the ultra-thin movement, is bound to sacrifice some of the performance, such as its vibration frequency of 3hz, in order to maintain the winding energy can be more durable, it can only reduce the vibration frequency to reduce energy consumption, or lengthen the winding will occupy the movement space; From the size point of view, the movement diameter of 20.5 mm, be a small core, the thickness of 2.1 mm, only the uk replica watches world's thinnest manual movement thick less than 0.5 mm, it is rare. So far, the 2009 launch of the four watches have all the output, and the 2012 four watchs seem to have two has not yet stopped production, perhaps not yet completed. In addition, the prince orchid theme of the watch, there is a limited edition of five models, model G0A32076, the parameters and the previous few are the same. According to the information can be found, these watchs of foreign quotations in the 112,000 US dollars, converted into the RMB plus tax rates, etc., should be about 90 million. Because each watch is only one, but also the introduction of different sets of time watch, although you can only buy, if you can set a set will have a good collection value.