The perfect craft for the Earl G0A37114 watch

Earl's watch has been to fine, perfect craft known to the world, especially its BLACK TIE series, this series combines the Piaget watch master and son of the two generations of effort, his father made in the production of the case, And his son in the production of the dial when they are trying to do the final father and son design of such a classic series. Like today to give you a description of the Piaget Gouverneur series G0A37114 watch, is part of the BLACK TIE series, handsome it also has a beautiful Tourbillon, let us feel the charm of the following. This Earl Gouverneur series G0A37114 replica watches uk is a combination of round and oval two shapes, thus forming a "oval face" dial, delicate clever and balanced dial perfect showing the tradition of historical art. Gouverneur series from the two generations of watchmakers art inspiration, his father designed its shape, and his son created its dial, it contains two generations of designers of the story. This Earl Gouverneur series G0A37114 watch case diameter is 43 mm, and is the luxury rose gold material, dial is oval so that both sides have more heavy metals, make it more solid. It is reasonable to say that such a watch should have a back through the design, but the count has chosen not to do so, people always feel less what. If the appearance of the bright spot is its goose egg type dial, then the top of the Tourbillon is its function in the biggest bright spot. This floating tourbillon has its own characteristics, it is in 12 o'clock, itself also has an asymmetrical P-letter shape, showing the Piaget's superb watchmaking process. Its sharp pointer played a small second hand role, very accurate. On the rolex replica other side of the dial is an astronomical moon phase indicator plate, you can more visually show the moon's sunny rounds. And the error is very small, every 122 years need to adjust the day, on the 6 o'clock position it is more three-dimensional display of the dial round design. Function data Moon phase to the independent rotation of the moon to indicate the status of the moon profit and loss, to the image of the celestial body movement to enhance the watch play sex. Tourbillon escape watch to improve the accuracy of the escapement, through the regular rotation of the frame to compensate for the different locations of the impact of gravity. This watch is used in the count of the new 642P movement, the thickness of only 4 mm, very slim, is the world's most shallow tourbillon movement. Its tourbillon shape is not only fine, but also ultra-thin only 2.8 mm with 0.2 grams of the tourbillon are all Piaget senior watchmaker hand-made and decorated. The main deck, watch bridge, tourbillon frame have been polished. And above with 23 gems, full chain can provide up to 40 hours of power, this value is really not ideal, perhaps for the movement of the thickness of the reduction. Unfortunately, such a beautiful movement can not always appreciate, but to see the front of the Tourbillon chat to comfort. Although this watch is not limited edition watch, but it is due to material with the work is very particular about, so the annual output is not much, although the rolex replica watches start is expensive, but it gives a unique feeling. And so beautiful dial also makes it more people's pro-Lai, aristocratic temperament of the general material reflects its extraordinary atmosphere. Has the function of the king said the tourbillon to make this watch in the function also reached its peak, although the Tourbillon is very slim, but still on the walk to provide a strong support.